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My compliments to the chef

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I have never played NWN2 before, and I haven't quite finished but let me just say, you had me close to tears.


I am a Bishop girl through and through, as a matter of fact I hate Paladins. But when Casavir says to my character after Aldanon has teleported them into the heart of the Claimed Lands "Journeying with you has been an ordeal." I almost started crying. Because despite how much a adore Bishop (I also almost cried at the gate after my KC says 'Bishop I'm sorry you had to make this choice' his response WAHH!!!) I realized that Casavir would have easily been my KC's best friend, were it not for the fact that he cared for her in a way she did not for him.


I still have to beat the king of shadows, not to mention play MOTB, but all I can say is, good job.

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