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unknown features in dltcep?

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I guess not many know about some of the usages DLTCEP has.


1. it can save files in the TBG format. This means the file is saved along all the strings it references in dialog.tlk

While TBG/IAP doesn't have all the nifty features of WeiDU, it is much easier to use. Especially if you just want to move a few files between game installations, or archive a few game objects (spells, creatures, items, etc) which may contain strings.


2. it could be used to extract/edit and put files back into a saved game.


3. it can mirror an area with all of its contents. (mirror area vertically, in area editor)


4. it can compress/uncompress wav/bam/mos files.


5. it is possible to convert creature graphics from pst to bg2 format or back. (this might need some experimentation and knowledge of the animation schemes).


6. it can cut up large graphics (like the ones in pst) and create smaller frames which would work in bg2. (split frames in bam editor)


7. it is possible to convert the formats between the game types. It is not automatic, but works good enough.

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I knew most of that but I'm curious about the PS:T > BG2 conversion. I thought PS:T lacked some frames or entire series that the BG/IWD style animations have, like east-facing frames etc. So those have to be redrawn manually or maybe flipped from existing animations, or can DLTCEP do that too?


Also, PS:T creature animations are larger, but there is a resize tool on PPG... it's not the greatest though. I think it just drops pixels rather than doing a proper resampling.


Edit: I should add that very few people seem to know you can use DLTCEP to write creature spawning scripts and the like without having to go into the game, journey to areas and figure out coordinates. Just go to Area > Edit and use the "Set position" buttons on tabs like Actors and Containers (sometimes they're greyed out but usually you'll get one or the other). Very handy.

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You can get the east facing frames by 'mirror frames' in the tool section.


One little setback may have set you off track: you should first rename the animation to something less than 8 character long, as the 'E' animations need one more letter in the resref.

So, the correct method is: copy all pst animations to the destination game, rename them to the new animation scheme THEN create the E animations.

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