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Creature Flags


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Bit 12 selects, whether the injury status in the creature tooltip should be displayed or not. (1 = hidden)

In the same function, bit 0 is used to select between "long name" and "short name" in the tooltip. (1 = long name)

Bit 31 is the not-interruptable bit, as per SetInterrupt action. (1= not interruptable)


There are a bunch of other bits that get used, but I haven't quite figured it out yet, what they do.

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24 and 26 are the most important unknowns that are used.

Bits 24 - 30 are used in RandomWalk(). It's difficult to exactly make out how it works, but it has something to do with what I call "object matching" in the area.

(If bit 24 is set, the allegiance of the cre is used, bit 25 => general, ...)


I believe 31 persists only in memory.


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Coming back to this...


Bits 24-30 might be an attempt to group actors in random walk actions.

These bits correspond to the ids in script objects. (ea, general, race, class, specific, gender, alignment)

They are used to find a matching object in visual range of the actor and the random walk action will be biased towards that object.


Example: Your gnome has bit 26 set and there is another gnome nearby. He should be random walking in the general direction of that gnome. You can see this more clearly if you limit the maximum random walking distance for your gnome.

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