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A Mod for the Orderly - CliffKey v2

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The french translation is done.

I made a new archive, compiled with WeiDU v229, traified 2 strings forgotten and updated others translations. But I don't know how to make the Linux and OSX version... could someone do its, if I provided the archive?

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I would not use mediafire under any circumstances. Popups for all, and I'm pretty sure that the virus that crippled my new computer and forced the reinstallation of my OS came from there.


Please be patient. I know it's hard to do. Update will happen soon, but there are a few behind-the-scenes things that need to happen first.

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Berelinde, I prefer this mod to be updated on G3, like you. :cool:

The reason why I wrote here is that I have no news since I sent the new package (to several members), even if I sent several pm.


But if you tell me that it's on the way, it's ok for me. :grin:


(in the same way, can we start the translation of DR? Will someone be able to update the mod when it's done?)

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Cliffkey ("A Mod for The Orderly") is now moved up to v5, with the new French translation and a weidu update. Sanctifer, Graoumf (and any other of the d'Oghmatiques) - my apologies for the long delay. (I still have bg1npc v19v20 and level1npcs to announce - will keep working on it :) )

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