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Right now I only have the plot-related interjections (Aphril, Denim and Ellesime) and an obligatory Tazok's one. I would like to do a set of interjections, however, and here is the thread for suggestions :)

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I would like to see him react to the Ranger's stroghold quests. Playing a ranger main char is on my to do list, so I don't know what exactly is involved in the ranger-protector scheme at Umar Hills.


And perhaps the Harper quest? Kivan is old enough to know little something about them and they seem to be an organisation that people have rather strong feelings about. How does he feet about the Meddlers Inc?

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He probably ought to make a comment about being turned into a drow in the underdark.


I imagine that he might be able to shed a bit of light on Bad boy Jon's past too. He really ought to give criptic hints from time to time. Underdark exit / questioning might be a good spot. He might start to say something and then be told 'Silence! It is not for you to share this with outsiders!" or some such.


It would be fun if he tried to defuse the fight with Mencar Pebblecrusher ... and ened up starting the battle instead. :)

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Uhm, Kivan is from Shilmista, not the Forest of Tethir, so I doubt he knows anything about the local elven problems. Coran might be a source of info about Irenicus, but I did notr got around to adding Coran in yet. Drow stuff is the must, you are right :)

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Some NPC's Kivan might remember from BG1:


- Coran and Safana (Forest of Tethyr);

- Neb the Babykiller (Illithium Quest) -- Minsc remembers him, Kivan should too!;

- Xzar (in front of Harper Hold, Docks) -- we rescued his pathetic hide in BG1;

- Garrick the Bard (Temple District) -- Jaheira remembers him;

- Adjantis (Windspear Hills);

- Viconia!;

- Quayle (Circus);

- Sarevok (especially in ToB);

- Tazok (Firkraag's Lair);

- Tiax (Spellhold);

- Faldorn (shadow druid, Druid Grove);

- Drizzt and Co.;

- Edwin!


BTW gratz on your IM6 win, Domi! (cheer!)

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He does not interject with Tazok now? He should. Probably a glitch. The plan was that he kills Viconia on sight, so I'd just skip this interjection all together, before I got lynched for this; Other than that, yes, these are all good points :thumbsup:

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I have decided that what is already in the mod in the begining of the game will be randomized for final SoA version to lower the frequency of Kivan interjecting. Seems to me that the method of 'play and add' works poorly fore me, because I overdo it. So, I decided that I will only add the interjections that people had suggested over time (both here and in private) to make sure that Kivan remains a quiter sort of person, but has his say where it counts. So, if you have always wanted Kivan interject somewhere game, and it is not yet mentioned here, do speak up :)

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