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I have decided that what is already in the mod in the begining of the game will be randomized for final SoA version to lower the frequency of Kivan interjecting. Seems to me that the method of 'play and add' works poorly fore me, because I overdo it. So, I decided that I will only add the interjections that people had suggested over time (both here and in private) to make sure that Kivan remains a quiter sort of person, but has his say where it counts. So, if you have always wanted Kivan interject somewhere game, and it is not yet mentioned here, do speak up  :p




Sorry for restarting this old thread but I'm new to g3.


I tried the Kivan mod for the first time yesterday, and although I enjoyed it I did find just a tad too chatty (as I write this I'm thinking who am I to complain - sorry). I don't know wether I'd have noticed so much if I didn't have the Chosen of Mystra's Alora mod running aswell, and she was essentially mute by comparison. It just seemed like total role reversal.


Also while I remember mentioning Khalid's passing, I don't recall any mention of Dynaheir's absence to Minsc?


Other than that it was a joy to have back, I'd never been overly fond of Kivan until I tried BG tutu a while back, and your work on really fleshed him out.


Well I'll shut up now.


(On a side note Alora-Kivan interactions for the cross mod banter pack?)

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Yes, it had be noted earlier, and I will be reducing the number of interjections for the next version, basically putting a random number on them, so not all of them always show up; on the other hand I will be introducing the deeper, more introspective talks connected to the events in the game, which, I think, suit Kivan better than 'conventional' interjections into the game texts. However, I cannot control at all the amount of material for Alora. If you find her too silent for a character of her, I agree, rather cheerful demeanor, you might want to broach the subject with the author :)

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on the other hand I will be introducing the deeper, more introspective talks connected to the events in the game, which, I think, suit Kivan better than 'conventional' interjections into the game texts.


:party: That's more how I saw Kivan


It turns out Alora is actually quite chatty - I just hadn't done enough with her :)

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Almost beat the game, I'm up to suldanesselar (not inside yet, I wanted to tie up loose ends like the Cult of the Eyeless, which I beat in a landslide). And Kivan should give some advice in the fighter stronghold (which i also beat), interject on Aerie vampir-ising,

party drow-ising,

the balor,

the spectator (somehow),

elhan (like him saying that they we are trustworthy),

the final battle with bodhi,


and a few things from the Quest Pack.


And speaking of quest pack, does anyone know where that lich is in the kuo-toan tunnels, I heard the muffled cries from the wall, but couldn't get it.

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Kivan will most likely comment on the Ranger's Stronghold only.


I am not sure which Balor you mean.


The rest, I think I have either covered for the future versions by PC initiated talks/banter/longtalks or it's on my list :p


Interjections into another mods are Crossbanter pack material, and since the quest pack is not on the list, I will not be doing anything for it.

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So, the list so far (what have not been covered yet) is:


-Ranger Stronghold

-Harper Quest and meeting Xzar/Montaron

-Mencar Pebblecrusher

-Lady Maria

-Cernd’s Child

-Join Bodhi

Coran and Safana (Forest of Tethyr);

- Neb the Babykiller (Illithium Quest) -- Minsc remembers him, Kivan should too!;

- Garrick the Bard (Temple District) -- Jaheira remembers him;

- Adjantis (Windspear Hills);

- Tiax (Spellhold);

- Drizzt and Co.;

- Edwin

- Aerie vamp

- Jaheira vamp

- Anomen vamp

- Elhan

- Defeating Bodhi

- The Balor terrorizing Sviferneblin

- With Madulf

- Lavok

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I haven't got the mod installed at the moment so I don't rememeber exactly (in case you haven't guessed my memories not great) but does he interject upon seeing Quayle? If not a simple greeting would suffice.


I always found it odd that none of the other originals remembered him, especially since his personality means you're unlikely to forget him.

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Guest Noctalys

Um...hello there...


I was wondering if Kivan could have an interjection if your female character speaks to Salvanas. I mean, It would work even in a non-romantic relationship, because if I remember correctly, in BG1 Kivan nearly had an annurism about Silke and jumped to defend her...maybe even if he isn't romancing charname, he would think that Salvanas had no right to talk to her like that and his behavior is not befitting for an elf?


Oh, and I'm pretty sure this is not a good place to post this, but I can't find a more appropriate thread.


I was playing the BG1 Tutu mod and was put Kivan in my party just to see his interjections. I'm assuming you wrote them, Domi...anyway, they did a wonderfultastic job of fleshing Kivan out and making him an interesting character....That's what lead me here in the first place. Just wondering, did you mean for Kivan to be a romancable character in BG 1and it got cut out later or what? Some of those later talks had that vibe...or maybe i'm misinterpereting it.


Another thing...I was going through the Xan romance and put Kivan in my party again to see if he would react to Xan romancing my character...and I saw the banter wherein Xan and Kivan get completely hammered and wake up the next day with hangovers the size of Coran's ego.... That was the funniest banter I have ever seen in my life! I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair, landed on my cat, took a good clawing to the face, and now sport a rather magnificent wound across my forehead and down to my chin. Now everytime I look into a mirror, I remember that banter and laugh hysterically! Good job! :)


...I certainly hope this doesn't leave a scar....I'll be laughing at inopportune times otherwise....

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