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Sand romance?

Guest Ant

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The current version of the romance pack offers flirting with Sand. If I'm not mistaken, I *think* you can kiss him. I'd like to say that the Sand romance is still in the cards. I'm still interested, but my RL demands are making modding of any kind impossible right now.

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Thanks for the offers!


Finding time to write has been a challenge lately. It's a little easier with NWN2 than it is for BG2 because I can write it as a text document, get it proofread, and then copy/paste it into the toolset, but RL is still not cooperating. That said, I did make a lot of notes on my last playthrough for possible LT subjects and insertion points. It should be possible to find them. Usually, I write drivel on my lunch break. Maybe I could chip away at some Sand dialogues instead. If I did that, I would probably set them up as Google documents and PM the links to anyone interested in proofreading. If you're interested, let me know. No promises, but it would get done a lot quicker that way than it would if I just sat there at the toolset waiting for inspiration.

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