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Herbs and Potions Add-in released


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Herbs and Potions Add-in for Baldur's Gate and BG1Tutu

Author: Baronius

Game: BG1, BG1Tutu

Homepage: click here

Download from: click here (533K bytes)


It has a WeiDU-based installer, is compatible with all other WeiDU mods, with stock BG1, BG1Tutu; also works if Tales of the Sword Coast is installed but TotSC is not required.

Easy and fast installation and reinstallation, clean and reliable uninstallation.


Main features:

  • 5 new herbs, 15 potions you can brew: healing, poisonous, acidic, fiery etc.
  • some potions should be thrown at someone than consumed!
  • ask the druid to check your items and tell if she can enchant any
  • a new store with a very wide variety of potions - don't expect low prices!
  • find all these in the town of Nashkel

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