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Germans plan a Fianal Solution to the Gamer Problem


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If it will pass in Germany, we can expect them try to push it in EU.


Anyway I'm fed up with German hatred for Gamers, I'm banning German products in my house.

Sadly it's just the usual knee-jerking reaction people have to new things and a failure to attack root causes of problems. Germany's Holocaust past makes them particularly sensitive to this issue and they can't be seen to be condoning violence against people in any way.


They're still twits though.


And then show me a game that's not violent, and I'll prove to you that you are wrong... so it wasn't piracy that killed the game industry, it was the law makers. :(




The law is hoped to come into effect before the country's federal elections in September. The minister of the interior of Lower Saxony commented:


"Violent games lower the inhibition level for real violence and spree killers have again and again played such before they did the crime."


When will people learn that correlation does not equal causation? Do you think if we lined up everyone who had ever played one of these games (or any violent game as a child, especially back when most children's games were violent for real) that a significantly higher proportion of them would be serial killers than any other segment of the population?



Could it be perhaps that in someone slanted towards spree killing that a violent videogame represents a way to outlet violent behaviour in a way that ensures no one will punish them? Take away the videogame and chances are these people would likely be torturing small animals in secret somewhere. Then you'd have the old scenario of "He was such a nice, quiet boy..."



While we're at it, why don't we ban soccer as well? Given that it's just abstracted warfare and people watching that seem extremely disposed to violence, riots, stabbings and so on. Let's put that into the EU parliament. Gits. :D

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Hm, I kinda missed one thing - do they intend to prohibit the production and distribution within the country or do they want to prohibit buying (say, from Amazon) and playing as well? A big difference.


Though I can't care much anyway, as I'm neither german nor do I hold a bit of interest in anything from that list.

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