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SOA Problem


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The EasyTutu FAQ has something about this:


Q: I've finished my Tutu game and I want to import my character into Baldur's Gate 2. How do I do this?


A: When you won the final battle in Tutu, a savegame folder called "000000002-Final-Save" was created in the "save" subfolder of your EasyTutu folder. Simply copy this "000000002-Final-Save" savegame folder from the EasyTutu "save" folder to the Baldur's Gate 2 "save" folder. Then, during character creation in Baldur's Gate 2, opt to import from a savegame, and select the "Final-Save" savegame you copied over.

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But why is this necessary after creating BG1Tutu and BG2Tutu? :(

Tutu is for playing through the story of BG1 only. To continue on in the saga with the same character, you have to import your Tutu savegame to your BG2 installation.


Tutu is a strict conversion of BG1 to the BG2 engine - "play BG1 with improvements". There is a mod (BGT) that combines BG1 and BG2 into the same game, but that isn't Tutu's goal.

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Which files do I find the item in/transfer it to?

Open up your EasyTutu folder, then its 'save' subfolder. Make a copy of the entire folder for the save you wish to transfer ("000000002-Final-Save" if you have it, or any of your other saves). Now open your BG2 folder, then its 'save' subfolder. Here paste in the folder that you copied. Then, start BG2 and when creating a new game, choose to import your character from a save, and select the save that you copied over.

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