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wikification of IESDP

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This idea would allow for the current standard format in simple descriptions and layout to remain as well as providing a central locale for additional information whether it be links to weidu code that will make editing certain file types easier or further descriptions to help readers better understand the varied usages of certain IDS values.


I like this idea, and it's why I have resisted putting some information into the IESDP - it doesn't belong there. A linked resource containing such info would be useful, as long as there is clear separation of what goes where.

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This doesn't have much to do with the wiki, except that it would be easier to do there, since some namespaces (directories) could be open to public (some kind of a staging area, a howto part or both).


The main goal of the wikification isn't to change the format (why bother?) or add loads of new data inplace, but it is good to see that people want more documentation somewhere.

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Here is the first information that could come with the wikification much easier:


I believe the description (some short name) of projectiles belongs to IESDP.

We even name a lot of them, but they would clutter the various effect descriptions.

These lists are different for each game, and some cause assertion failures on one game but work perfectly

on another.

So, a validated list might help modders greatly (assuming they create or port items or spells).

Even the information on what projectiles are valid for one gametype is surely incomplete.


ToSC - valid range: 0-0xcc

ToB - valid range: 0-0x109

TOTLM - valid ranges:0-0x163 AND 0x1001-0x106c


I didn't test vanilla BG/IWD/BG2, HoW/IWD2 and PST yet.


In this case, even a small engine difference like between ToTLM and HoW may count.

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I'm resurrecting this thread because I have created a wiki about Infinity Engine modding. Its very ambitious purpose is to compile all the information available about IE modding, including the WeiDU language, the internals of the IE engine, IE modding tips and tutorials, etc. For now it's almost empty, but hopefully that will change soon.

I'd like to request permission to import the information in the IESDP into this wiki.

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If you read this thread you will see that there is not much support for such an idea. The update bottleneck has been solved, so info can be added to IESDP much more easily nowadays. Duplicating the information is bad for the same reasons described in this recent mischievous thread:


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Actually, several people showed interest in a wiki. Anyway, that was ten years ago. I don't think it says much about the current situation. Regarding the duplication, the purpose of this wiki is not to duplicate the IESDP. It's to compile all the information available about IE modding, including the WeiDU language, the internals of the IE engine, IE modding tips and tutorials, etc.

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My plan is not to publish a copy of the IESDP. My plan is to use the information of the IESDP as a base to develop the wiki. Ideally that would lead to articles that build on the information of the IESDP to create articles with detailed descriptions. You can see examples of what I mean here and here. As you can see, those example mini articles build on the IESDP, but are definitely not a duplication of it.

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A wiki used for collecting all those extra knowledge, quirks and things you need to know or your cutscenes won't work despite having the correct actions etc is a cool idea.


I would ask that mod descriptions etc would be left out and the focus would be mainly on "what you should also know when modding the IE engine in addition to what is in the IESDP".

Reason is that there are people with a lot of more time than others who are determined to promote their mods in any way possible, and it would be sad if this wiki turned into such a one (wo)man mod promotion show like I saw it happen in another public BG wiki.


Also, mod info usually tends to be outdated quickly whereas info like "do not put GiveItemCreate() action at the end of your action list in a dialogue or the item will not be transferred" might be also true in 2 months.

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