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Amber is three years today


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Amber was first released exactly three years ago! The ToB part hasn't certainly come out in the timeframe I thought, but do not despair!


From the first dialog in ToB:


You can only get this if you carry Amber straight across from SoA. There's more PC reply options that didn't fit to the screen.


And from the same dialog, little later:


Embarrassingly enough that's all I got for you right now. The first talk and the Fate Spirit are the only new stuff that's been coded. I'll post more teasers when I get more text proofread and coded.


How do you guys feel about the "long" PC reply options in the first screen? The ones that are longer than one line. Do you think that he/she should rather sprout "oneliners" than long ones?

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Guest Aumvor

Happy anniversary to Amber ;>


As for the "long-liners" I dont think it matters too much. Although shorter and more generalising answers often feel more "free" and less constrictive imo, roleplaying wise. But its not like its a big deal.


The pics are looking good btw.

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Congrats to Amber! Can't wait either.


I don't mind longer replies. I think the protagonist might actually enjoy saying 2 consecutive sentences without getting interrupted by someone for once. :)

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Guest Severance

woot happy b-day Amber. Long responses might be nice as long as they aren't about something trivial. Deep thoughts are ok when it comes to party fights or thoughts on jon irenicus and stuff like that, but I dont want to have to read long convos about something as simple as string.

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One lines are good. Two lines are okay too. Anything longer than that and maybe you should write an Amber "choose your own adventure" novel, not a mod. :)


Happy Birthday Amber. The screens look great!

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GAH! How could you endure that party?! Oh and good job, hope it turns like SoA.

I think it's nice :)


Long speeches is fine.


Congrats with the birthday

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Congrats, Amber. Has it been three years already? My, the time goes faster every day, how is one supposed to catch up to it.


As for the long speeches, one sentence extra or two is good. Five or six might be overdoing it, though. But then again, most of the time, the PC is only expected to answer agree/disagree, yes/no or impressive/pathetic, so that the NPC can continue with the story.

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