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Partial and Tentative Del - Valygar


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A bit late, and still under work, but here is a partial bit of Valgyar and Del...


Valygar: "From the tilt of your head, you wish to ask me something. Out with it."


Delainy: "You are not the most approachable of people, you know."


Valygar: "And yet that doesn't stop you. So, what is it you would ask?"


Delainy: "Charname's journey isn't going to last forever, and we will part ways. However, I hope to craft an epic of our travels that will immortalize our deeds in song. I seek to learn more about my packmates."


Valygar: "Delainy, you know I don't seek fame. That is not my way..."


Delainy: "However, whether you will it or not, there will be stories told of our endeavors. Fame is not an eagle, to land on your shoulders, but more like a rat, creeping up on you unawares. If you talk to me, at least you have a say in what is passed on."


Valygar: "Neither does gossip interest me. People will say what they will, whether true or not. Yet another benefit to living in the woods."


Delainy: "If nothing else, look at this as an opportunity to pass on what you know. Some of your knowledge could prove useful to another in the future...such as what was the most difficult creature you ever hunted?"


Valygar: "Fine, you win. However, when you retell the story, try to keep the embellishment to a minimum."

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Guest Rkhatzar

Nice if not perfect, only ending, could be more "fluent"/ different. May be she will just remember him as one who doesn't want to be famous, or something like that?

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