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Twinked Branwen's Portrait


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Guest SirLancelot

The new portrait is brillant, however, i don´t want a model in the party since she is supposed to be a Barbarian :) . P&P spirit is lost in that way.


Do i have to buy Channel nº 5 for her? ;):D:)

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Speaking of Branwen being a nordic barbarian woman - does anyone at all have any info on Nothheim Isles? Oe at least where they are?! I have once browesed FR atlas for a couple of hours from teh Sea of Moving Ice down to Calimport... and could not find it.

I think the Nothheim Isles are an extension of the Moonshaes. The northern islands of that group are inhabited by the "Northmen" who sail viking style longboats and are heavily into raiding. Anyone know otherwise?



Nice work on the Branwen protrait. She does look a lot more romancancable now. Before she looked sort of unfriendly (well what'dya want from a priestess of Tempus?). :)

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When I first looked at the original portrait, I thought she was an alcoholic with a very severe hangover. Her face looks to be all swelled up as if she were boozing a few tendays in a row.

To some of us, of course, this only enhances her allure. :):);)


Seriously though, both amendments are terrific and show (IMO) extreme talent, I wish I were as good.




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bless you Rob!

You're welcome. If you can find a copy, you might also find more info in "Darkwalker on Moonshae" or the FR Moonshae Islands supplement (not sure of the title on that) :)


If I can belt out the occasional bit of worthless trivia now and again, I feel I've lived up to my title. :)

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