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Tyris Flare, the Golden Axe character

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Tyris Flare is an Amazonian woman who uses a sword. She is a muscular woman in a skimpy red and white bikini and red boots with mustard colored hair. Both her parents are murdered by Death Adder's forces, leading her to seek revenge in the first Golden Axe game. Her magic attacks are all fire based, including the summoning of a huge dragon. PlayStation: The Official Magazine refers to her as "one bad-ass girl."


The character first appeared in the Golden Axe game for the Mega Drive/Genesis (and also in arcades if memory serves) and again in the sequel. She was tastefully dressed in a bikini (not even a chainmail bikini!), kicked-ass and set people on fire. It was awesome.




In the early 90's Golden Axe was turned into a comic strip which appeared as part of Fleetway's Sonic the Hedgehog comics. Visually she looked quite different in this, however you can see that they saw what was important and kept her in a bikini :hm:




More recently the character was reinvented in Golden Axe: Beast Rider for current generation consoles. A bit more clothing this time and some awesome war paint.




How does all this relate to my version of Tyris Flare? Well, in terms of background I've based her on the original Golden Axe games. Visually, I've gone with the Beast Rider look because it gave her an awesome look and I could steal some of the art for her portraits. Whenever it doesn't clash with the previous game's canon, I've also taken bits and pieces from the plot and background of this game e.g., her people worship a dragon. And the comics? Well, I admit I didn't take much from there. In fact, I only took one thing: her insults. If you play my NPC version of Tyris, you'll notice she uses phrases like "guld's blood", "demon's breath" and "fiend's teeth". These come directly from the comics. Presumably because they couldn't say "fuck".

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perhaps this is common knowledge on these forums already, but in a pretty cool coincidence (or not if you chose it intentionally, I suppose--though I think it's p. cool) Marc Taro Holmes, the artist of the last picture you've linked (source for Tyris' default portrait image) was apparently also a concept artist for the original Baldur's Gate according to the about page on his blog.


Must be a sign! :thumbsup:

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