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Tyris Flare, the NPC

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Please note this screenshot is currently inaccurate as with v6, she has now been dual classed at Level 7. New screenshot will be uploaded as soon as I can be bothered to take one.




When asked about her life before meeting you, TYRIS seems hesitant. When pushed she tells you about growing up in a small village on the edge of a large jungle. She was taught skills of fighting and survival by her parents and taught the ways of the arcane by the village shaman. Then one day she returned home to find her parents killed, apparently murdered by the villainous "Death Adder", however she refuses to give much more detail than this. She soon left the village and met up with a group of like-minded adventurers who were also keen to take revenge on Death Adder. They proceded to attack Death Adder's castle and it was duing this assault that she was transported to Toril.

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