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PST: Number of loaded areas


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Still plugging through the load routine. I'm at the portion of the .gam processing function that loads the area. There is a loop that checks a list of 0x0B dwords for a valid pointer (non-zero). If it finds one it checks for a match between the requested area, and the names those pointers are pointing to. It looks like its checking a list for areas already loaded so my question is does this sound correct? I mean that the game can have up to 0x0B areas loaded at one time?

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This appears to be the case, a max of 0x0B areas can be loaded at a time. Now I'm torn as to which way to go. I'm curious as hell as to what happens when this is exceeded and you step into the next area. Does it trigger a auto-save and clear the list? If so where are the areas saved until needed? I want to continue with the area load routine, but its damn tempting to see what happens when the list is exceeded...

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So, that list of unknowns is a list of loaded areas?

I think, areas are swapped out (saved), in the tmp folder.

If the number of loaded areas reaches a maximum, it would simply swap out the oldest unused area.

This is how i did it in GemRB, at least :hm:

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