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Setting Ground rules

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I don't know if it fits with the character, but since Aran appears to be pretty flexible, would it work to give the player an option to set some sort of boundaries via a one-time talk in PID?


Stuff like: I never want to hear advice, don't ever ask about my father unless I broach the topic, I'm sick of being hit on so don't (for this play through, anyway...), don't look at my sister or I'll kill you, etc.


So, the player can say something like: Aran, this is how things work in my party. None of this or this or this.


I don't know if that'd work, or if you've already thought of it, but I just thought I'd put it out there.

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I have been swamped for a month now with little progress, but I expect to get rolling again soon - the bump was timely :hm:


Yep, he is set up with something similar - the PID acts as a player override, so that if roleplaying options need to change (and with a game that can take months to complete, I find it a seriouis PITA when my idea of the player character I am running changes and the NPCs don't follow along!).


Right now, the currently coded "cycles" in PID are


Interject However You Want <> Keep It To A Minimum <> Do Not Interject (the "semi-silent NPC" option)


Kick Out --> Stay Here (with commentary from NPCs) <> Go Away Forevar <> Meet Us At An Inn <> Hold Still While I Try To Murder You


Start Squabble <> Anger In Progress <> Ask About Fight <> Attempt To Make Up


(female PC) Romance <> Be Friends And Flirt <> I Am Taken So Shut Up Already You Stupid Bugger


(female PC) Flirt With Me <> I Want To Flirt With You <> I Expect Action *Now*



and I have forgotten something because I have not revisited his code this week.



Many of these cycles are actually interactive "gears", meaning a response in a FT or LT can set one of the cycles to the right setting - a simple example is a few really ugly responses might start a squabble played out in dialog. The PID reflects the status, and if you don't use PID to talk to him and try to resolve it, he will come back and try to make up. If you refuse or if you want to be the one who tries to make up, you can do it via PID. It is a bit more complicated than that, because randomness plays a role (as does playing style), so the outcome is never completely certain - but the basic idea is illustrated there.


I had not thought, though, of a more simplified "single starting position" talk. Or of toggling off specific FriendTalk/LoveTalk options.


I think the idea is a cool one for simplification, but I expect to avoid allowing the player to shut down FT/LT topics. With an average of 5 options on each talk, many of which start with a variation on "shut up, Aran" (to which he will never, ever get mad - I always prefer RL things mirrored, like when you know your best friend hates the Chicago Symphony, and you poke at him, and he says "shut up, you idiot" it does not kill your romance, or make you not best friends - heck, it barely registers) I think if the conversation heads a direction the player does not want to follow, there will be lots of ways out.


I do have a friend talk that pops up close to the start that gives the players options on the Anomen Romance - I think I could incorporate your idea there, and make ity broader. Something like


[ARAN] Right then. If I be workin' for you, I expect you will want some things done certain ways, eh? I never did meet a leader what didn't expect to lead. So, what be the rules o' engagement?


[PC] No talking in ranks, do what I say when I say it, keep your mouth shut, keep your hands to yourself, and if you step out of line I kill you where you stand.


[PC] Engagement? I barely know you, sir. I expect a bit more romance before talking about rules and engagements and wedding china.


[PC] You are an experienced adventurer, so you know how these things work. Just do that voodoo that you do so well.


[PC] I expect loyalty, and the rest we will work out as we go along.


[PC] Rules are for shortsighted fools, and I am not shortsighted. You will get the hang of things.


The only problem (and a big problem in this mod in general) is it expects extremely high english literacy and parsing of intent. Getting more detailed options means either breaking immersion, which I don't want, or throwing Wall Of Text top make sure the player knows which options they are choosing.

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