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Virus Alert!


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I was recently hit by numerous viruses and finally tracked the source to some of the mods I was using. In looking for a clean copy of the mod a download from the Gibberling3 mirror showed that it was infected with:




I used the windowsecurity.com. Zone Alarm and AVG's scanner did not pick it up until it launched when the game was started. Then the system went nuts with various trojan injections.


I check all available download options and they are all infected.



I should note that this is with the:


BG1 NPC Portrait Pack.



For some reason when I click on the forum link on the DL page it directs here.

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This is your virus scanner giving a false positive. Please, please check the forums before you post, people.


Sometimes a coincidence is just that. And sometimes if you reinstall Windows enough times the problem sorts itself out.


Thanks to those who helped.

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