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I've been playing through with Amber for a second time and since I know alot more about her its given me a much different perspective. I remember thinking Amber was more than a bit cold in the beginning on my first run. Now I'm thinking that she actually likes the PC pretty early on but is scared and confused by the thought that he may really like her as well and she's still just learning to trust him. I've been taking my time and really enjoying some of the early flirts, seeing Amber struggle through the very early flirting is wonderfull. Knowing more now than I did the first time I've really been appreciating how well these early flirts and responses are written in the context of Amber's character. Once she starts to want/like PC's attentions and even physical contact she's still initially fearfull and uncomfortable with almost every flirt option. It dawnwed on me how brave Amber was being when she asked PC about using his/her powers and actually admitted that talking to him about it helped her. Its the first time she ever even hints at not being totally self sufficiant for everything. I guess I didn't realize how increadibly hard it is for Amber to consider a romantic relationship with PC (nothing to do with him more her life to this point) let alone actually allow anything thing to start happening.

Amber getting ucomfortable and squirming away, making an excuse about needing her hands in case they are ambushed, struggling to interpret a smile .... and on and on. Amber's got to be the most adorable little demoness to every walk the face of Faerun. I think I was simply a bit too suspiscious of her the first time to really appreciate the early part of the relationship. If I ever want to do her freindship path I'll have to make a PC with less than 12 int or cha.

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