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Help with BGII Mod Install Order... serious bugs.


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So, I've decided to boot up BGII since I haven't played it in about three years or so. Felt like trying out some of the spiffy mods out there and trying the significantly different experience. Well all is said and done, I have about 30 or so mods. I start installing them according to the BGTutu install order I found here (figuring it would be relatively similar in install order). So, I get halfway through before I realize I skipped over some mods I should have installed before others. At that point, I was annoyed, so I ended up just saying "screw the list" and installed them in a semi-random order.


No real problems. Game booted up fine. Started the game. Noticed a handful of the mods (such as Dungeon-Be-Gone) are working perfectly fine. However, a problem quickly arises. My kitless Thief main character is unable to equip +1 Daggers, shortswords, short bows, and a few other Thief-friendly gear. An immediate tip-off that something's wrong, so I boot up Near Infinity to see what I can find out.


Turns out, not only was my kitless Thief outfitted with a kit named "Unknown - 27", but my Xan NPC isn't a Sorcerer as I determined, my Minsc is not a Level 1 Berserker, my PnP Protection Items mod isn't working correctly at all, and a handful of other relatively small annoyances that makes my game not what I wanted it to be.


So, I've come to the conclusion that my install is FUBAR'd. I'm gonna have to spend over an hour un-installing all my mods, then another hour re-installing all of them. Whoo-hoo. The only problem is, I don't know what order to put them in to stop these problems from happening again. I was hoping someone could help me sort out my mods here, as I obviously have trouble doing so. Now, I'm about 98% certain that all the mods are compatible, so no problems there. Here's what I have, in Alphabetical Order:


Ascension WeiDU v1.43

aTweaks v2.61

Banter Packs V9

BG2 Fixpack V8

BG2 Tweaks V7

BG2KeepAllBG1ItemsOnImportedCharacter (which didn't work at all...)

BG2 Improved Tougher Balthazar (which I didn't actually install)

Cal-Culator v1.04

Cloakwood Squares v2

D0 Quest Pack v23

D0 Tweaks v20

deArnise Romance V2

Dungeon-Be-Gone v16

Dungeon Crawl v4

eSeries v1.8

G3 Anniversary Mod v5

Improved Horns v1.2

Level 1 NPCs v1.2

The Longer Road v1.5.1 (which I didn't realize until after trying to install that I couldn't use Redemption with it...)

MixMod v5

NPC Tweaks v4

NPC Flirt Pack v1.02

Oversight v12

Redemption v1.2 (Which I guess I can't install, so ignore it)

Rogue Rebalance V4.21

Shards of Ice v5

Song and Silence v4

Sorcerer's Place Collection v8 (only for the item mods)

Turnabout v1

Turnip Golem v1

Unfinished Business v18

Virtue v19 (I know this goes dead last)

Weimer Item Upgrade v37

Weimer Soulafein Mod v1.03

Weimer Spell 50 v6

Weimer Tactics Mod v24

Weimer Under-Represented Items v5

Wheels of Prophecy v2

Xan NPC v8


I know that this is kind of an epic undertaking here, but I'm hoping there's one super-benevolent soul out there who will help me out. Even a little help would be appreciated. I know I have way too many mods, but there are so many useful/interesting/awesome things in each, I just really would love to fit them all in. So, helps please? :)

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I'm no expert, but if your game isn't working as expected, you've probably messed up in the install order of the mods (as many a first-time mod user will learn). So giving the mods you use in alphabetical order really won't help us help you: we need your WEIDU log which you can find in the BG2 install folder.


In the meantime, I suggest you check out threads on mod installation order, and maintaining a clean install, such as this one: http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php/topic,17556.0.html

and this one: http://forums.pocketplane.net/index.php/topic,17555.0.html


In short, you will save yourself the hassle of having to reinstall the game if you save clean copies (ie, copies before you installed a single mod), clean copies of the following files: dialog.tlk, chitin.key, baldur.ini, bgmain.exe, and the entire override folder (not just the contents, but the ENTIRE folder).

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