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first succesful soa playthrough / hackthrough speedrun


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To check how far gemrb has come I decided to try to finish soa to see if anything major is in the way. This showed a number of bugs (of which many have been fixed already), but with some hacks, I made it to the end! :party:


There is only one big blocker[0] on the way, but I also had to use the cheatkeys a few times where it wasn't just convenient (teleporting, healing and killing). For simplicity I also started with a highlevel monk and dumped some nice gear on her. No other party members. :)




[0] by that I mean that I had to edit scripts or hack gemrb. The current state of the bugs can be seen here: http://linux.prinas.si/gemrb/doku.php?id=s...laythrough_bugs

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And the second! We fixed many bugs since the first run, so this one was much more smooth. There was only convenience cheating involved - started with a level 19 monk, cheat jumps, cheat heal, cheat kill.

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Guest Malyce

Thats really great news! Ive been lurking around this forum for a couple of weeks while i debated buying a n810 and have finally decided to get one. If you guys are still plugging away in 2 weeks (im going hiking/camping first) ill be able to do some bug testing for you guys. I don't know any coding but have spent the last 4 months doing functionality/localization testing for some big titles.


Ill check back in a couple but its good to see this happening

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It would be nice to have a few more people trying these kinds of runs, with different areas (eg, doing subquests) or different party setups - I had a poke through Umar Hills and it seems reasonable, although lots of minor problems (LeaveArea isn't really working, the mimic appears straight away, lots of broken animations).

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I understand theres a lot of bug left, which is why i offered my help. I should be receiving my n810 in approx 10 days. Ill post again when i do, and ill do a playhrough and report any new bugs not in the database. If theres anything you guys would want me to focus on, let me know. And if you have any save files that work, that would help too

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Vertical expansion: ToB, then BG1 then IWD and HoW.

Horizontal expansion: side quests in SoA.


We also accept PST/IWD2 bugreports, but those are not top priority. (Except if someone gives solutions as well, working patches are always welcome).

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