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Jaheira romance after being petrified

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Fixpack 8



I don't know if the fixpack is supposed to fix this, but Jaheira got petrified in Spellhold (we hadn't been summoned to the Harper Hold yet), and the romance was dead after she was turn to flesh.


This is a pretty standard problem. The issue is sort of hardcoded, not easy to fix, apparently.


When turned to stone, the party members leave the party, and that causes the problem, i think.


You can try thebigg's tweak mod for a workaround though, it stuns people instead, but it actually says 'stunned' and not 'petrified', so can be confusing to know which spell to cast to free that person (again, engine limitation i believe).

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BGT will run on baldur.bcs until you get to ToB (meaning the Grove of Forest Spirits with Illasera). There the game changes from baldur.bcs to baldur25.bcs as the main script. ToB is short, and party members tend to die more often than they do in SoA, so the difference between the two heartbeat scripts is probably intentional.


What happens to a romance in the BG1 portion of BGT when your lover looks deeply into the eyes of a basilisk is up to the mod author :thumbsup:

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