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Fixpack doesn't fix Jaheira's *non-romance* LT8?


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Banter Pack has been carrying around three core dialogue fixes for years, relating to Viconia, Korgan, and Jaheira. I should probably take them out, but I want to make sure the problems are covered elsewhere first.


It looks like the fixpack deals with the first two, but I can't find any evidence (either in the buglist or in my search of the admittedly over-my-head code) that it addresses the problem where a non-romanced Jaheira (JaheiraMatch=0) can easily end up repeating her fourth "friendtalk", aka the "Lovetalk 8" in state 68 of BJAHEIR, "I will not tolerate this waste of time. Let's get moving! We've much to do!"


The Jaheira script doesn't advance the Lovetalk counter past 8 if JaheiraMatch=0, so any subsequent Jaheira banter check can get us back to this dialogue. My ages-old solution was to crudely slap an IncrementGlobal into the replies to make sure we move past LT8:



IF ~Global("JaheiraMatch","GLOBAL",0)
!StateCheck(Player1,STATE_SLEEPING)~ THEN BEGIN 68
 SAY #20307
 IF ~~ THEN DO ~IncrementGlobal("Lovetalk","LOCALS",1)~ REPLY #20331 GOTO 69
 IF ~~ THEN DO ~IncrementGlobal("Lovetalk","LOCALS",1)~ REPLY #20334 GOTO 70
 IF ~~ THEN DO ~IncrementGlobal("Lovetalk","LOCALS",1)~ REPLY #20335 GOTO 71


Do you guys have equivalent code in the fixpack? If not, can you add some so that I can retire Banter Pack's meddling?

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