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Guarded Compound Floor 1

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I notice the same problem still exists on first floor of the guarded compound: lots of enemies appear, included a Glabrezu, but they fight each other instead of you (if you're protected vs. evil).

So you are invisible to your enemy, and the problem is- What?


If it's the Demon AI, then I suggest you to install a mod that will prevent you from taking huge advantage from the invisibility on the enemy AI, like the SCSII should do that.

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I think the problem is the demon attacks other monsters, and the monsters, even though they see the party, rush on the demon. That's not normal. The monsters should attack the party, the demon should ignore them.

It's different from the problem where you can butcher a demon as long as you're protected from evil.

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There's no reason the demon should ignore the other monsters - it's not on their side. They dragged it away from its favoured hellish pursuits, after all, and aren't even polite enough to present it with an easy target to take out its frustration on (i.e. you, when not protected vs evil). Their fault.


Works as designed, I'd say.

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OK, went there again, when they see me, the monsters attack me, it's alright. It's only when you retreat at once that they kill each other.



If you go there not protected, you may be in serious trouble.

If you protect vs. evil as soon as you see the demon coming (portal of fire), you should do fine (no spell interruption). There is a nasty Nishruu in the bunch, so my mage cast 'Death', and all the monsters except the demon died! Seems fine too: after all, the monsters were conjured by Ketta & co.

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These types of summoned demons are actually the GOODBUTRED allegiance (they have a red circle, and you attack them by default, but they're really allies), so "true" enemies will consider them targets.


It sounds like you may have some AI mods that may alter the behavior slightly, but it is working as expected (the enemies will attack the demon with nothing better to do, and it will go after them if it doesn't see any party members). Liches will almost always shoot their meteor swarms and such at the pit fiend they just summoned (even though they are protected from evil and can't be targeted by the demon, they're still going to attack it).


These sorts of problems with the AI aren't something we elected to change (there are too many cases where the AI may not be all that great or make much sense, so as long as it works, we leave it up to third parties to enhance the creature scripts).

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