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questions on dynaheir romance ending

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I have a few questions about the final handful of dialogues for this romance.


After dialogue 28 fires, the talk about Gorion's letter, is it still possible to get prior dialogues? I had yet to see LT 23, 24, or 25 when this happened.


26 and 27 are tied to events I assume. Do I need to make time for 29 & 30 before the finale or are they event driven too?


Concerning LT 28. I didnt accuse her of anything or doubt her feelings and yet she refuses to talk with the PC afterwards. Did I play it wrong or is this an intentional bump in the romance?


And finally, are there supposed to be NPC initiated flirts? I though so, but I never saw anything but the LT's and PC initiated flirts.

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I ran into the same issue and if anyone is wondering, after you get the letter Dynaheir goes into LT28 and follows to LT29 and finally LT30. After this the talks resume at whatever talk you've worked up to.

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