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Slavers Rogue Stone turned to scroll

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The rogue stone is from Baldurdash and is not part of the G3 Fixpack.


Was the item itself changed or just the item description?

Regardless, if you have both Baldurdash and the G3 Fixpack installed, that could be trouble.

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I never installed Baldurdash AFAIK, but I installed the last Tweak (6) and Fix (8) packs, after uninstalling previous versions. But the game install is not fresh, who knows what happened before?


The graphic is now a scroll, and when you read it, it's the BG1 stuff I told.



In fact I have BG2 on several computers, and redoing the Guarded Compound on this one, I notice there's no rogue stone at all, so as you say it must be something else than fixpack.

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