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"It ends here..."

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So, everything's going swimmingly. There've been a few weirdnesses with some of the LT's before triggering all at once (I assume just a coincidence because we were both at rest and in a forest) but otherwise my PC's wooing of Kivan was going great. We get to the Tree of Life and he goes all "it ends here...no more love in my heart etc etc."


So I check various variables...






all seems well. There doesn't even seem to BE a P#KivanOffence variable, so I can't check that.


yet he keeps leaving me!


I altered his P#KivanLove variable with CLUAconsole and that /still/ didn't fix it. He keeps leaving me, every time. Extremely frustrating for my smitten little green-haired elven PC, let me tell you.


EDIT: Fixed. Depending on how you look at things, I'm either a moron for not seeing the answer in the first place, or...well, no. Just a moron.

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