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NWN Style HP


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I installed NWN style HP for my EasyTutu game. It had been working absolutely fine for quite some time before Imoen only obtained 5 HP when she levelled up. I figure the minimum should be 4 (4-6 for a thief) + 2 (con) = 6.


The only thing I did differently was level up very quickly after achieving the necessary xp.


A similar issue happened a little later on with Dynaheir, all very confusing considering it had been working fine for quite some time.


How does the NWN style HP tweak work? Is it possible for it to fall over occasionally? I assumed there must be a 2da file or something somewhere that controls the awarded HP so it would not be possible for this kind of bug to happen, but it did happen so I am very confused.


I have saved games both before and after the erroneous level up as evidence. I do not think I have anything else installed that could conflict with this.

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What the nwn-style tweak actually does is change 1D6 to 3D2, 1D4 to 2D2, 1D10 to 5D2 etc. So the readme is a bit inaccurate.


For the thief, 1 and 2 is impossible, 3 and 6 is least likely, 4 and 5 most likely. You were just a bit unlucky.

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