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<HOUR> and <MINUTE> tokens


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These tokens appear to be broken in the game? No matter what, I only get 0 and 1 returned for them, respectively.


I'm trying to find a way to determine the actual time in the game, because the various DAY, NIGHT etc. identifiers seem a bit dodgy.


Edit: Further testing shows that none of the time tokens really work, not in Tutu anyway. They do change occasionally, but they don't even seem to reflect accurately the time of the last save or area load. Even the <DAY> went back and forth between 1 and 2, and <DURATION> went from 8 to 4 hours without any days at all (after lapsing several days of game time).

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I'll remove the tokens from the page. I'll also add a note indicating there are other tokens used by the engine, but that these are set only as-needed by the engine, and are therefore almost useless (otherwise people will complain the list is incomplete).

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The only time token I see used in standard dialogue is <DAYNIGHTALL>, but I don't know if even that one functions as it should. I don't think so, but apparently no one's complained about getting greeted with a "Good morning" when it's night etc.

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