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Opcode #12 - HP: Damage


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I cannot make this effect do everything it should be able to do. Here are some test results:


0 Crushing - Works

1 Crushing Set To Value - Works

2 Crushing Set To Percentage - Works

3 Crushing (Save for half) - The character looks like she is hit but no damage is taken. I also tried Acid (Save for half) and Cold (Save for half) but the result was the same. It does not matter whether the saving throw is succesful or not.


Magical Cold (?) is Magical Cold.


Stunning does not seem to stun.


Soul Eater (?) does not seem to eat your soul. :)



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I probably forgot to update the IESDP opcode listing to match the .dat file listing.

I'll try and remember for next time. Int he next update, also look out for anything which should be in, but isnt, as I've lost the latest IESDP local copy, so I'm building from the current website version.

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