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Patching joinable NPCs spellbooks


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Sinci SR3 does this should SR3 be installed after mod NPC's?

You can do that if you're installing mod NPCs who are divine casters (Cleric/Druid/Paladin/Ranger) and want to ensure 1) unused spells are removed from their spellbooks and 2) when you first recruit them, they have all new spells they should.


If you installed those NPCs after SR instead, they would gain their new spells only upon their next level-up. Also, the only in-game way to remove unused spells from their spellbooks would be to CLUA in the item "ADSCROLL" and use it on the character.



It might make sense to move the spellbook patching code into its own component. Then it could be installed after mod NPCs without any worry, as well as other spell-adding or -modifying mods (except for Divine Remix unless special action is taken) and should patch their spells as well.

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