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resistance field in eff structs


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This misinformation kept me hanging for years, but i think it is time to reach consensus.




* 0=Nonmagical

* 1=Dispel/Not Bypass

* 2=Not Dispel/Not Bypass <---- i think this one isn't good. Resistance type 2 is also bypassing resistance.

* 3=Dispel/Bypass


In Taimon's notes:


if (eff.0x058 & 0x2 == 0)

if (cre.res > rand6)

if (eff.0x058 & 0x1)

-> resisted


Shows clearly that only resistance = 1 checks creature resistance.

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This is correct, except that Bit 1 is redundant unless Bit 0 is also set (if no bits are set, the behavior is also to ignore resistance).


You might be able to just massage its labeling:

Bit 0: Can be dispelled

Bit 1: ... and ignore resistance


But it still might not be clear that no bits doesn't mean No dispel/no bypass, but No dispel/bypass.

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