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Hi Everybody I've been playing Icewind Dale 2 and while i was in the place where there's all the snow and oswald crashes his air ship because of the storm i became a lvl 5 spellcaster with my cleric so i could cast the spell where you bring ur ppl back to life. but just before the battle with Shernical or wat eva her name is the half dragon half human thing. well anyway just before that battle my level 5 spells stoped working and they still don't work and i'm level 10 cleric level 6 spellcaster but i can't cast my lvl 5 or 6 spells why is this? :):party: and i'm up to the fellwoods my level 5 and 6 spells are


Lvl 5- the undead thingy where you bring ur players back from the dead

and column of fire or wat eva it is


Lvl 6- MonsterVI But they don't work just those three spells all my other ones do can you Help Me!!!

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