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What Should I Write Next?


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I feel that I am going to finish writing for Neeshka's Romance within a week or two.


My modding time is divided into 2 categories: writing (bus, boring meetings etc, done on my Palm computer with editing on home machine) and coding (have to be on home machine), haven't have time since February to do that. Basically, the heart of the problem is that I have time to write, and no time to code.


While there are two things at the moment for the time when I can start coding again (I think October, when my flexes will not be taken up by courses, house-warming parties, birthday parties and the like): Neeshka and Deathstalker, I am wondering what I should do writing-wise. What I have:


1) Somehwhat started large module (in order of 1/2 of the introduction main dialogues are written), Heir Apparent. Seeing how the hour is late for NWN2 work, and how I doubt I will have adequate time to code it, should I even bother with writing further?

2) One of the 3 or 4 very short module ideas (The Carbuncul, Ten Suns, Warder's Death, or an amalgamation of thereoff under Carbuncul's umbrella as short independent stories adapted for the same starting point) I have had for a while, that I will need to start practically from scratch. The concern was always that nobody plays small mods anyway.

3) Write up intro portion in Luskan for IWD2 and intros for the IWD2 characters and dedicate the rest of my life to porting IWD2 into NWN2 (see #1 above).

4) Wave good-buy to any hopes of producing an independent story however short and do what I've always done before developping the SoZ NPCs. I feel like I can do more than the character dialogues, I just *know* that! :)

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Nah, I have no aptitude for writing novels, and writing in English for publication is a waste of time for someone like me. I am all about interactive dialogues. I can try a short story, but I'd rather write a game.... :)

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Quite honestly, while I'd definitely play options 3 or 4, I probably wouldn't play 1 or 2. As you said, NWN2's time is running out, and I have to have a reason to install it at this point. Unless there's a newly released module I'm really psyched about, it usually isn't on the computer. If you go with option 1 or 2, I think 2 would be the safer bet. :)


That said, do whatever you want to do most - regardless, people will probably play it. I don't think you should do something you aren't passionate about - if you're not enjoying yourself, is it worth it?

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I started scribbling Heir dialogues again. I figure, that by the time I finish writing Chapter 1 of my game, there gotta be one or another Game/Toolset around that I can use to make it into a game. It's my own world, so I can tweak the dialogues & characters to reflect what that toolset has to offer (and they seem to be evolving towards flexible anyway). My story is AWSOME (okay, not awsome, nothing really special, but I like it) and the CRPG gamers I trust are going nowhere. And, my child continue to grow, so in another 10 years, she won't want to see me around anyway, and I can code the texts in. :shades: It's my dream to create my own game, and I will get there one way or another, some day.

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The good news are that I see at least some coding time materializing, so I will be able to work on Neeshka and then on some sort of a wrap-up on the Deathstalker, even if it's not going to be fully voiced as I hoped for it to be in the beginning. Still, I like the story and I want it finished. Looking forward I am still seeing too many possibilities.


So, I tried to start writing non-mods again... Yeah. I just don't have it in me, I am afraid. Talent and determination are not there. It's subpar.

I tried writing intros to the IWD2 characters, and the sheer enormity of task just killed my zeal. I can't imagine myself finishing Chimeras.

I thought about adding romances to Prachi and Kaelyn, and I am not ready for another romance just now.


My husband and I are going play SoZ over the New Year holiday week, so I will see if I get an urge to develop a character or two for that game.

For now, I have writing time freed up, and I will write for Heir or Ten Suns/Sunburst depending on what flows at that moment.


Dragon Age is not in the cards for now, so I will not be making any plans for it, though I bet I can retool non-coded stories to use the new toolset.


I know I am nuts and sound like I am not commited to anything, but I hope that the 2010 will be a year of tieing up the lose ends for me with both Neeshka and Deathstalker. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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