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PST: Effects


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I'm going through the effects, so I'll use this thread to post results.


First, effect 0x0E Defrost will remove the frozen state from the target as listed, but it also sets your current hit points to 1. No other states are affected or removed, and all effect settings are ignored/unused.

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Does the same in ToB.


The problem is, if you get the frozen death effect it will send a normal death with a little delay.

So, it is not possible to set the frozen state without dying soon after (at least not easy).

Except with pre-set state.

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Effect 0x12 Maximum HP Modifier is a bit confusing as its written. Type 3, 4, 5 state "does not affect current HP" which is correct, but 0, 1, 2 do not state that it does affect current HP, which they do.


Also as to the dice rolls, it is true as stated, but the first thing it checks is number of dice and does not go any further if this is zero. If its non-zero it will do a dice roll even if the dice size is zero. A small thing but for modders it will speed up the effect if you make sure the number of dice is zero if you don't need a dice roll.

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Effect 0x16 Luck appears to be wrong. It needs to be tested to be sure but what I'm seeing is this. It first checks if STATE_LUCK is set, if it is the effect quits without doing anything. Second, it does take a value for Parameter2 which are like the other stat altering effects:


0 Cumulative Modifier -> Luck = Luck + 'Statistic Modifier' value

1 Flat Value Modifier -> Luck = 'Statistic Modifier' value

2 Percentage Modifier -> Luck = (Luck * 'Statistic Modifier' value) / 100


After applying these it then sets STATE_LUCK

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Effect 0x19 Poison Target is pretty mucked up. First there is nothing in the listing for poison type 0. Next, type 1 is wrong. This damage is a percentage of your current hit points. The percentage is in Parameter #1. There may be other errors, but the way its handled is through timers, so until I can find the timer code I won't be able to check the other entries.

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