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[v1] Tsujatha/Hubelpot banters

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This is two Tsujatha/Hubelpot banters. I have already had them approved by BobTokyo on Hubelpot's behalf, and, as I am Tsujatha's author, that is that.




Tsu: Hubelpot, what is it that you are cooking?

Hub: It’s one o’ Morag’s specialties. Sausages an’ tubers wi’ onions in a mushroom sauce.

Tsu: That soundsâ€â€heavy.

Hub: It’s good an’ fillin’, if that’s what ye mean.

Tsu: (Tsujatha says nothing more and turns to go.)

Hub: But yer probably more interested in somethin’ like what Ah’ve planned for tomorrow. It’s fish in lemon sauce.

Tsu: Fish in lemon sauce? That will be more than satisfactory.

Hub: Ah knew ye’d like it.




Tsu: You are a druid, Hubelpot, a calling which lends great power to those who follow it. Why, before you joined with <CHARNAME> to repay your debt of honor, were you content to be a merchant?

Hub: Why not? Ah’ve Morag and Hamish, an’ the vegetables. What more do Ah need?

Tsu: You could have had *power*, great power. You could have, had you taken to the Life earlier, been a ruler by now.

Hub: Why should Ah? It’s just more trouble, more responsibility, more t’ look after. Ah’d rather work on mah sauces.

Tsu: I cannot understand you.

Hub: Don’t trouble yerself, Tsujatha. Tisn’t worth it.



Tsujatha's SOA banter file is BTSUJAT. For TOB it is BTSUJA25. Was there anything else I needed to do? I have asked BobTokyo to post here, too, relaying his permission. Perhaps he can then provide Hubelpot's file names.


And now to write Tsujatha/Kivan of Shilmista banters!



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