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Guest Guest_Ellderon_*

I know how ot make kits, how to make items, edit creatures and stuff. I chenged quite a few things and made some interesting items.


The thing is, wile i can make a WEIDU kit installer for my Holy Avenger paladin kit, the description and names of some spells and items is gone. I know it's stored in dialog TLK, while the item/spell stats themselves are in the itm/spl files.


I've seen a installer that adds items with description. Looking into the installr file I noticed lines like:


COPY ~tashia/Items/tafamclw.itm~ ~override/tafamclw.itm~

SAY NAME1 @290

SAY NAME2 @290


Near as I can figure, the SAY NAME lines adds the description bur how does iut work? for where does it take that description. That's the only ting that's bugging me - figuring out how to add descriptions and names in the installer.

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@X are .TRA file references, and you will find a LANGUAGE section higher up in the .TP2 file, which should point to a needed .TRA file for new descriptions.


However, you don't have to use such a system, but your mod will be only available in one language until you convert (most of it is automated).


You can use things like this:

COPY ~myMod/foo.itm~ ~override~
SAY NAME1 ~This is an item called Foo!~
SAY NAME2 ~This is an item called Foo!~


Just place whatever text you want between the tildes and you will get that text added to dialog.tlk.


For additional information, the syntax for SAY is:


SAY offset string [audio], where offset is the file you want your STRREF (string reference) to be applied to, whether it is the item name or description, the characters biography, ect, text is your ~text~ or a TRA reference (@X), and [audio] is an optional audio file to be played when the text is used (only with selection text and dialogue.)



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Guest Guest_Ellderon_*

Thank you very much. I got it working now and even added some extra to the installer.


I'll make it available, here:











Holy Avengers are the most feared and rare warriors within the paladin order. They have usually endured much hardship in the past from the sevants of darkeness and harbour specialy strong hate and taste for vengance. They dedicate their whole life to the sole purpose of destroying evil wherever it appears, usually to the level that can be considered fanatical. Their training & dediaction to that task has made them expert swordsman, yet they fight very offensivly, often ignoring their defenses. They care only devine justice and serving good,even when it conflicts law and order.

Wielding a sword of holy fire, radiating an aura of power and retribution the mere sight of an Holy Avenegr is enough for most evil monsters to flee in terror.

Coupled with a powerful artifact of light, like it namesake the Holy Avenger sword, he is the ultimate weapon of Good and a relentless and dangerous enemy of Darkness.



- can reach mastery in various swords

- gets a +2 bonus to hit and +3 bonus to damage against Evil enemies

- at levels 1, 5, 10 and 14 gets the Cloak of Fear ability

- at lvl 5 can summon a Holy Blade

- at lvl 10 gets Heavens Wrath ability (a very mighty fist of heavens)

- at lvl 15 gets Devine Vengance ability (adds elemental damage to the avengers attacks)



- gets a permanent -2 penalty to AC

- gets a -1 to hit penalty against neutral opponents and -4 penalty against good opponents

- can only become proficient with ranged weapons












4 elven swords, 1 two--handed sword, 2 plate mail, 1 wizzards robe and 1 ring.









Small modification to a few NPCs - elven warriors in Suendesalar and end of Underdark.

Their stats and equipment have been improved. It was pitifull to watch them fighitng against drow (with +3 to +5 stuff) with regular weapons and armor.









My early attempt at an NPC that sadly didn't go anywhere. you'll find a paladin waiting near the Black Dragon in the elven city. He doesn't talk much, but is very well equipped and will fihgt the dragon with you.

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Guest Guest_Ellderon_*

I got one more question, of a bit different nature.


Every time I edit my savegame with ShadowKeeper, my Kit gets lost. I revert back to a normal paladin (or something similar).


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Guest Guest_Ellderon_*

So...anyone have any idea how to determine what the proper value is?

The Shadowkeepr does have a value field for the Kits, but the one it keeps putting in is obviously wrong

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So...anyone have any idea how to determine what the proper value is?

The Shadowkeepr does have a value field for the Kits

It totally depends on your installation order... and if you re-install a mod and use Shadowkeeper, you may wish to reload the game files, by changing the game directory, and back.
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