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Crazy idea for a new mod metodology.

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One of the things i dislike about the baldurs gate games is how little reactive they are about your main char, but that is more like an inherient limitation of their agnostic personality design than laziness.


But then it it me. Baldurs gate has that neat make leader function. Say then, if the leader was say, Viconia, wouldn't it be natural that new quests, dialogs replacing the default (that would be available only to the main character) would be available?


Taken to its logical extreme and if the engine wasn't full of hardcoded things, even the main character isn't indespensable to the main quest. Say he dies somewhere, and instead of the game ending, Imoen decides to continue, or Jaheira swears vengeance or something. Would make a neat idea for a total conversion within the game.

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The game doesn't make much sense if a Bhaalspawn isn't in the lead, since CHARNAME is the object of the prophecies and all.


TC. Also, doesn't have to be the Charname. Any bhaalspawn will probably do (Imoen). And anyway, doesn't have to be a world shattering quest like the main quest.

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In fact, imagine expanding the strongsholds quests as applied to companions, like thief for Imoen, or mage to Edwin. Imagine the possibilities for hilarious dialog.

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