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I want my items back !

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Guest Guest_Juzbrig_*

I've installed your mod along with others (SCSII the last) I am now in spellhold, and my equipment disappeared. I remember that this mod has something to do with it and while I was installing it I thought that it was a good idea, but some dungeons monsters are hard, and I don't have magic weapons. Anyway I managed somehow to complete all Asylum Dungeons and Trials, it was said, that I will get my equipment back before final battle. So I gathered all prisoners and went for Irenicus (http://www.gamebanshee.com/baldursgateii/walkthrough/asylum2.php) and guess what ? My items are still GOD DAMN MISSING ! When they suppose to be reclaimed ?! This is outrageous ! I had so great items from chapter 2, I killed dragons, and now it is all missing ! There is no purpose to play further.


I want my items ! I hate the person whose idea was that great component !

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The component made it clear what would happen; what's to hate? You chose to install it.


Try actually searching the asylum; specifically go to irenicus'/the warden's office room where the underdark portal key is kept, I think it's there. If not, some other container. Just search.


You didn't expect the items to magically appear in your inventory at a certain time did you? Now that would be silly.

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Yey! I found them here http://www.gamebanshee.com/baldursgateii/w...ugh/asylum1.php at (1) :p

Sorry for bad words, I was upset ...



I've lost some items from other mods ... My armor for Keldorn, for my bard, long sword +5, and probably few more ... But it could be worse ...



I have save from before Asylum, can I somehow check what symbol does those items has, and then use CreateItem command ?



I edited old save with Shadowkeeper and compared what items were missing (mostly those that were in bags), so the case is closed. And I don't recommend that component to anyone :)

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Lol, for the most part I think the lack of items makes the Spellhold a little more scary than its usual feather-weight self! Hint: Enchanted weapon spell!


Although...Spellhold lich took me 20+ attempts I swear!! Especially with "Mages get high level abilities" installed :)

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