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A new BG2 o ToB level patch and xp cap remover!


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Hi hi!


A question! Im just wondering if this is the right place on this forum to get some help for remaking a level patch up to lvl 80 for Baldurs Gate 2?

I have for the last 2-3 weeks being waiting to get some help on Teambg with no success :) . So now i feel i need to continue searching for help.


Im actually in neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed of a new lvl. First i was thinking of lvl 70, but changed my mind to make one to lvl 80... why not just make one so we dont need to think of it for a while!D


I have tried to do a test lvl60 but it didnt work.. So if someone here on this forum are interest to help me i would be grateful.


Please! there must be more than me who actually need a new one!


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I believe that the level cap is harcoded to 50, otherwise the people who made the lvl50 tables would've effortlessly updated them to lvl 255.


Of course, you can bribe Taimon for a lvl255 exe patch, but it would still need to update all the 2da files.


Also, most level 50 cap extenders (notably the one from BG2_tweaks) doesn't use any heuristics for extending the 2da files, meaning you still wouldn't get any new abilities or spells (excluding HLAs) past level 40 or so.

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I dont understand exactly what you mean... you saying that even if i manage to update the 2da files in the override folder correctly, let say lvl 70, it wouldnt work because i cant overide the lvls more than to lvl50? You meaning that its a limit to update even for the override folder?



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The engine will only comprehend the values in the 2DA files (tables which determine certain things, like the xp cap) up to the 50th column, thus making any extension above 50 utterly useless.


The override folder is only called such because the game checks there first before looking in the game BIFFs, the bulk of the data, to allow easier patching and bugfixing. It does not mean that you can override limits set in place by the actual engine.



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