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What are the requirements to build this

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I actually prefer my projects to be portable, so i have a netbeans and java installation in my pen. I know netbeans has both a python and a c++ plugin, but i think the c++ plugin requires an external compiler. Jython is at 2.5 at not completely compatible i think.


Anyone ever tried to run the project in netbeans, at least for modifying python files?

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There is not a single line of java in this code, so "java portability" is not a factor.

C portability brought this game engine to: Linux (various distros), Windows (various versions), BSD, MacOSX, Syllable OS and some Nokia systems, and probably others i don't remember or didn't even hear about.


The library requirements are readable on our homepage, mainly if you have SDL and Python, you can already hack it to some runnable form. OpenAL will bring you sound. (OpenAL soft is a good alternative in some cases).

If you have Vorbis support, then you can use .ogg files for sound (to replace wavc), if you have png support, then you can use png to replace bmp's. But these two are completely optional and mostly useful for new game developers).

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