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HasImmunityEffects trigger


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A more 'scientific' definition of HasImmunityEffects:


It is true if any of the following opcodes affect the target:

0x53 Protection from projectiles

0x65 Protection from effects

0xa9 Protection from portrait icon (this is a subtype of 0x65)

0x10b Protection from display string (also a subtype of 0x65)

0x128 Protection from visual effect (also a subtype of 0x65)

0x66 Immunity to spell level

0xc9 Decrementing spell level immunity

0xcc Immunity to primary type (school)

0xcd Immunity to secondary type

0xdf Decrementing immunity to primary type

0xe2 Decrementing immunity to secondary type



In fact, the trigger is even more generic, so there could be some other opcodes that use the internal immunity lists that the above mentioned effect opcodes affect.

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I was on vacation.


I think it's intentional since they turned to blocking cumulative effects by granting self-immunity.


You wouldn't want Immunity/Bounce effects to return true for somebody who is only immune to the beneficial Barkskin spell they just cast on themselves, and only to keep them from casting it on themselves again. Except for Shield blocking Magic Missile, there's very little "legitimate" use of 0xce in BG2?


And who says BioWare didn't think of the little details!

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