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Resolution Changes to 640x480

Guest WhoCares357

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Guest WhoCares357

This mod worked fine on my laptop but it's screwing up on my laptop.

I have Vista (UAC off) with a ATI Radeon 3100 graphics card. I have both SoA and ToB installed, updated and modded. I have less than ten mods installed including the widescreen one. My default "desktop" monitor resolution is 1200x800. Note that I installed the widescreen mod after all the other mods.

The problem is that after I install the widescreen mod with 1200x800 resolution and start the game, the resolution changes to 640x480 and focuses on the top left corner of the whole screen. So I can see New Game and Single Player but I can't see Load Game and the other buttons on the right/lower side.


Mods Used:

The Darkest Day


Quest Pack



Ashes of Ambers


Unfinished Business

BG2 Tweaks

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