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Translations of v10


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Anyone who's got a translation of SCSII that's more current than the one in the v10 beta (link elsewhere on this thread) has about 3-4 days to get it to me (zip it and publish it here, for preference, or email me - PM if you don't have my address).


There are a few extra strings not in the v10 .tra file:


@3366=~Increase the price of a license to practise magic in Athkatla~

@3367=~License costs 10,000 gp~

@3368=~License costs 15,000 gp~

@3369=~License costs 20,000 gp~

@3370=~License costs 30,000 gp~

@3371=~License costs 50,000 gp~

@3372=~Allow the Cowled Wizards to detect spellcasting in most indoor, above-ground areas in Athkatla~

@3373=~Delay the arrival of the "bonus merchants" in the Adventurers' Mart~


Also (thanks for spotting this, Graoumf) string @3210 ("Point") has been erroneously relabelled "@3310".


If you're working on a translation but need a bit longer, I pledge to do a translation-only release (if required) at the end of September.

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Hello David,


Are you waiting for others translations? Because you know, you say the end of september... ???


Watch this space... (revamping G3 pushed things back a bit, and there were a few bugs to fix, but v11 is done now - should be formally released very shortly.)

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