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Crash right before Ravager battle.


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Hey everyone,


So I'm almost done with my ridiculous two month long love affair with Baldur's gate. I've moved from BG1 through to ToB and I'm nearly done. I just defeated Balthazar and I'm on my way to fight the Ravager in my little pocket plane. I enter the challenge, the ravager gives his little pre-rumble rant, I hit the end dialogue button...then about a second later, right after everyone in my party initiates their attacks, the game crashes. This is the message it gives...


"Asertion failed in CGameEffect.cpp at line number 1536"


It does this without fail, every single time I try to fight the ravager.


Now I've checked this problem out around the forums, but I've never found it tied to this particular spot in the game. Can anyone help me out? Is there any way to get around this so I can finish the damn game? It would be fairly crushing to give up now.


I have the fixpack installed and the version of the game is 2.1.2 ToB.


Let me know if there is anything that can be done.

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It's probably got something to do with the Bone Blades that start popping in once Ravager goes hostile.


Could you post the contents of your weidu.log file? You should find it in your BG2 installation directory.


If you look in your override folder, you should see, among others, the files shalt01.itm and ipsion.itm. If you move those two files out of the override directory, does the game still crash? Be sure to keep the two files.

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Both files are undroppable items granting a bunch of immunities to the Bone Blades (among others). It should be safe to leave them out of the game.


If you still have a save from before the fight, it would be nice if you tested by putting one file back into the override folder and seeing if the game starts crashing. Repeat for the other file.


Once you've determined which file(s) are responsible for the crash, I'd like you to put the bad file(s) in a separate folder. Also copy the backup folder from inside the bg2fixpack folder to this same separate folder. Compress the folder containing the bad file(s) and the backup folder (into e.g. a rar archive) and upload it to e.g. Mediafire (no registration is necessary) and I'll try to determine what caused this.

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Nythrun's index fixer should be linked somewhere. It will probably inform you which files are to blame.


This assert will fire any time an item with mis-indexed effect lists comes up (depending on what mods you have installed, it could happen anywhere).

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