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Elhan responses for vampired romances

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Just noticed this in a bug report for my new NPC:


C6ELHAN2 70 has the following player responses:

1) So, Irenicus is now 'the Exile.' That's not a name for a stranger. Perhaps I should ask around.

2) It's awfully hard to know what not to say when I don't know what it is I shouldn't say!

3) Damn it, Elhan! I'm not lifting a finger until I know what is going on!

4) I can't help if I don't know what is behind all of this, Elhan. Talk to me.


Then it has some additional ones for romances that say:

"Elhan! I've the half vampire body of Blah here because of you! You'll tell me now!"


Interestingly, C6ELHAN2 69 has exactly the same player responses but doesn't have the vampire options. Most likely a bug, in my opinion. If this has already been picked up, I apologise.

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