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Mods not installing

Guest Nermie

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So, I recently decided to replay BG and BG2 for the umpteenth time, but I've never played with mods before. I looked into it, did the research, downloaded what I wanted to try out, and was following the installation order instructions in your guide on this site. I'm modding my BGTutu first, by the way, haven't done anything to BG2 yet. So it's all going fine and dandy.. until I come to Moinesse's avatars v2. The WeiDU dos installer just cycles endlessly, and doesn't prompt to start the installation. I was upset by this, but not overly so, so I quit out of it and moved on. I install a few more mods just fine, until I come to Oversight v12. Same problem. Then again with the Divine Remix v5. They extract themselves into the folder, and when the dos-prompt opens just, just cycle endlessly. I'm not sure what's wrong. I'm looking at my WeiDU log, and it also appears that 1PP didn't install either, even though it said it did when I ran it. I'm obviously a noob at this stuff though, so I may be unknowingly doing something wrong, but as I said, I followed the instructions. Uh, help, please? ^_^;

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1.) What is WeiDU.exe, and what you should know about it.



1. The WeiDU.exe .

WeiDU.exe is the program you us to install almost any todays Infinity Engine game mod, BG2 mods included. The WeiDU.exe is actually the installation .exe just renamed as setup-*modname*.exe, so it can take orders from the file called setup-*modname*.tp2. Now there are few bugs this knowledge can sort out, as the WeiDU.exe is still in revision, as new mods need new functions, the versions are updated every now-and-then. This leads to a problem, which has been tried to solve by the auto-update feature that is build in the .exe, but as it is not the most perfect system of them all, so it can cause problems if the proper steps are not taken.

They can almost all be solved by manually updating all the WeiDU.exe's to the most current version of the WeiDU.exe, which can always be found in here(the Windows Binary archive), you do the manual update by first deleting the old setup-*modname*.exe, and then you copy the new WeiDU.exe from the archive to the game folder and then you re-copy it to the same folder so you have many of them, and then you rename one of the copies as the deleted one, rerun it.


The WeiDU.exe is also moding tool that has it's interface if it's named as WeiDU.exe, and for Vista users, remember that you have to have the UAC off, or use it as Administrator, whenever you try to use it cause it won't work without the proper user permissions.


Additionally, the WeiDU.exe renamed as setup-*modname*.exe has many times falsely detected as a virus by many anti-virus software programs. It's a false alarm and if you get that, youy have to turn off the anti-virus program so you can install the mod. And usually it's recomended that you turn off the anti-virus program even before you start moding the game at all, as you can then turn it on again after you have finished the mod installations and scan your entire hard drive.

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