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Kaelyn Romance for MoTB

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Is it just me, or is Kaelyn the Dove not an infinitely more romantically interesting prospect than Safiya. I mean, not only is Kaelyn seem more interesting and likable, she is a half-celestial(good), while Safiya is a Red Wizard of Thay(bad). And also, at the risk of sounding shallow, that bitch is bald, and I'm just not up for that.


If there are any Kaelyn romance mods, someone please let me know.


Or, if there is at lest one other person who feels the same way, let me know that I'm ot completely off base here.

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I don't really qualify for posting here, as I have no interest in RP, but such romance might serve as a good cue to rectify what Obsidian haven't done - to destroy the Wall.

Probably my biggest regret was the same as most players -- namely, that the [player] couldn't ultimately bring down the Wall of the Faithless. That situation arose because of the general [Wizards of the Coast] rule that CRPGs can't make major changes to the Realms. But since the Realms changed significantly in [D&D] 4.0 and the Wall is now gone, I wish we'd talked more to WOTC about that. I have a feeling that they may have allowed us to kill the Wall, since they already knew what was in store for the Realms


And yeah, one of the best characters ever.

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I like Safiya, so I don't mind having her as a romance options for my male characters, but I'm not so crazy about Gann. I like him well enough as a friend and traveling companion, but he isn't my type as a romantic partner. Kaelyn would be good for my female characters.

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Thank you. I think it might really work for her as a character. I hope it's not just my own fascination and interest in trying to write a lesbian romance, something I haven't done (at least intentionally!) yet. I'll concentrate on the red-head rogue for the moment, but I it is a definitive maybe that the blonde celestial is my next task.

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