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Compatibility with Improved Summons (and Spell Revisions)

Guest Fennek

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Hi, I like SCSII very much. Actually, it's an "always to install"-mod. But I think that due to SCSII (especially the non-AI-components) summons are a bit too weak. So I would like to try Improved Summons-Mod from Sorcerers:




Anybody here who knows whether it is compatible with SCSII. Well, or more precise: Are there some glitches? Daemons etc. getting even stronger? Mages, who do not cast certain spells anymore?


SCSII is totally compatible with Spell Revisions, as far as I know, but in case I install all three I am a bit afraid that things might get wrong...

(Probably I will also ask at Spell Revision's forum)

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